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"My company booked me in here for 6 months, and from arriving I was amazed at the level of detail these apartments are furnished. Everything you need is a short walk and being in the City Centre there is plenty of shops and restaurants."  



"I’ve been staying at bay tree on my visits to Derby over the last 3 years and my company always book me in here (at my request). Superb place to stay, highly recommended – the best accommodation in Derby by far!"

SV – Bangalore


"I much prefer an apartment than a hotel . I stay in derby up to 4 months at a time.  There is always a team of us from our company and we all book into bay tree. They make it feel like your own home. Great staff!"

TS - Sweden



"Simply perfect. The Bay Tree team looked after all of my needs and made me feel welcome whilst working over in Derby"

Andre - Sweden



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